Beverage Feasibility Consulting

Every beverage starts with a dream and a plan. How realistic is your plan based on current facts, trends, capabilities, and costs? Can you make your product and still make a profit? Get valuable, actionable feedback from BevSource’s experienced development, sourcing, and production specialists to set you up for success at the start of your beverage journey. We’re here to help you build not only a winning beverage but a profitable beverage business. 

Tools for A Smart Start 

During your feasibility analysis, our team of beverage industry navigators looks closely at your idea to provide you with the most relevant insights and ideas for advancing and improving your beverage. During the consultative process, you will get: 

  • A list of any foreseeable issues that will make your formula difficult or expensive to produce. 
  • Options and ideas for improving on potential problem areas or opportunities with your formula.
  • A detailed review of specific difficulties you may face sourcing your ingredients and packaging on a commercial scale, including availability, lead-times, and MOQs. 
  • An overview of the contract packing landscape for your product, so that you can anticipate co-packer requirements, possible capacity restraints, and estimated minimum run sizes.
  • A better understanding of the potential risks and hurdles your beverage may face when it comes to regulations and your supply chain.
  • A high-level project timeline that gives you a realistic idea of how long it will take to get your beverage on shelves. 

“Everyone wins when a beverage is commercially viable. We see a lot of great beverage ideas that could be successful with more analysis and planning. A feasibility study lets a beverage brand owner see the full picture of the business surrounding their beverage, so they can take smarter risks and use their resources better.” 

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Let’s make your idea a reality, together. We provide a full spectrum of services and sourcing capabilities to develop, produce and deliver your beverage vision from the first formula to full trucks of product.

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