Important Information On Sport Drinks

What Is A Sport Drink

Sports drinks are very popular these days. For those who exercise heavily or are participants in sports, they are a necessity. It helps to replace fluids lost due to sweating when exercising, after a hard days work outdoors, or from playing sports. Not only that, it replaces electrolytes which are also lost. This helps to delay the signs of fatigue. This is a primary fuel source which is utilized by exercise and carbohydrates are very important in maintenence of exercise and performance during sports activities.

What Are Energy Drinks

 There is a lot of confusion amongst consumers between energy drinks and ones that provide rehydration. Rehydration drinks are mainly a form of enhanced water which also provide a replacement of electrolytes. Although water is the best form of rehydration, drinking too much can cause water intoxication. True rehydration drinks come in three different types. Isotonic drinks contain the same amount of salt and sugar as found in the human body. The hypertonic drinks contain higher amounts of salt and sugar as the human body. Hypotonic drinks have a lower amount of salt and sugar as the human body.

Energy drinks are mainly composed of stimulants such as guarana, caffeine and other herbal compounds. These drinks provide a short lived rush of energy but do not provide any carbohydrates or electrolytes. They should not be used by those who have heart conditions or hyper/hypotension.  Side effects with this type of drink include racing heartbeat, nausea and bloating. Children should not be given these types of drinks. It is even reported that these drinks inhibit brain functions.

Energy drinks can contain over 100 calories per can, depending on the brand of drink. However, true rehydration drinks can be bought with zero calories and are much better for you. This is because energy drinks have such a high caffeine content and once that rush is over, you are generally more exhausted.  Such a high caffeine content can also damage kidneys because they increase urination out put.

Rehydration drinks do not contain stimulants, are available with zero calories, and contain no carbonation. They do contain carbohydrates, water and electrolytes. Some come enhanced with vitamins and minerals as well. These are much better for your health.

Energy drinks pose various health dangers such as cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance. This is usually because users of these drinks do either one of two things wrong. They overdo the energy drinks, drinking many in one day, or they mix the drinks with alcohol. Mixing these drinks with alcohol is especially hazardous because the large amounts of caffeine and other stimulants mask the effects of the alcohol. Also, some of the herbal contents have not been fully researched for their safety. It is much healthier, and wiser, to drink the sports drinks.






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