How Safe Are Sports Energy Drinks

What Is In A Sports Energy Drink

The key components of sports energy drinks, regardless of the brand, are caffeine and sugar. Both are found in large amounts which have doctors concerned due to the overuse of these drinks. However, if consumed in reasonable amounts, they are relatively safe for most people. There are those who cannot ever drink these though such as those with cardiovascular disease and those who have diabetes.

There has been a dangerous trend showing up with these energy drinks, which are really different from an actual sports drink which has water as the main ingredient, when mixed with alcohol. This is an extremely dangerous combination as the person does not realize how much alcohol they are consuming. How does this happen? The energy drinks have such a high sugar and caffeine content that it offsets the effects of the alcohol. There are also herbs in these drinks which have not been properly researched so the effects of these are not really know except as stimulants.

Are Sports Drinks Different From Energy Drinks

 Combining the two terms, energy drinks and sports drinks, can be totally confusing for most people. They are not the same thing. Sports drinks actually rehydrate the body and replace vital electrolytes after a workout or sporting event. It cannot be stressed enough that these are the healthy after sport drinks. However, with today’s demands on students, athletes and workers, energy drinks are heavily popular but not very healthy. The amount of caffeine in these drinks can cause one to be jittery, anxious and can also cause insomnia and cardiovascular disease.

The amount of sugar in the energy drinks also has health professionals very concerned as it leads to obesity, tiredness and nervousness. Students will usually drink two or three cans of these while “cramming” for an exam only to find themselves too exhausted to remember what they were studying. Also, those who have diabetes can find themselves in a dangerous situation if they drink just one can of these drinks because of the high sugar content.

Energy drinks are meant to be consumed before the workout or athletic event while sports drinks would be consume afterwards. Sports drinks are actually the healthier choice of the two since they actually contain vitamins and minerals which the body needs.

Propel water is a very good example of these sports drinks. It is made by the same company who makes Gatorade and comes in a wonderful variety of flavors. Propel contains purified water, vitamins C&E, B vitamins and antioxidants.

Whether you choose the sports drinks or the energy drinks, remember to use either in moderation. And also the fact that there is no such thing as a sports energy drink. It’s one or the other, but never both.

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