Five Hour Energy Drinks

The Truth About Five Hour Energy Drinks

There are now perhaps millions of varieties of energy drinks sold in the market today in every possible flavor and packaging. Energy drinks started from Lipovitan of Japan that targeted the working class. Consumed for a variety of effects, more and more people drink energy drinks today than ever before. Students use it during exams or even rave parties. Athletes, in particular, consume high amounts of energy drinks to enhance their performance. Energy drinks have tight competition, and of all the popular brands in the market today, Five Hour energy drinks are the most popular by far. Five Hour energy drinks seem to be on top of its niche because many consumers provide positive feedback. This energy drink is commonly seen as a two-ounce shot type of drink to be consumed only in limited amounts with great results. A closer look at some reviews reveal that people who regularly take Five Hour energy drinks are spared from the crash often experienced from other brands. People who experience caffeine crashes often describe it to be unpleasant and a really big hassle.

There are a many good reasons why Five Hour energy drinks seem to please choosy consumers. First of all, does not contain sugar which can create sudden energy spikes followed by a crash. Unlike the bulk of commercial energy drinks, Five Hour energy drinks contain only the right levels of caffeine which also helps prevent energy crashes. Extremely excessive amounts of caffeine, such as that found in other energy drinks cause palpitations and heart problems later on. B vitamins, instead of sugar and caffeine, are the main energizers found in Five Hour energy drinks. Due to the presence of vitamin B in the drinks, a redness of flushing of the skin may be experienced after consumption. It is common for energy drinks to contain this macronutrient since they assist in providing extra energy. However, the producer indicates on the label a warning regarding consumption of this product. Half a bottle of energy drink a day is the advised daily allowance. A bottle can be taken if there is a need to boost one’s energy; however, exceeding two bottles a day should never be tried. It has also been stated that it should not be drunk consecutively.

Though the primary ingredients remain the same, Five Hour energy drinks also come in different flavors, and they even have decaf versions of the drink! This leading brand of energy drink is thoroughly enjoyable and tasty.

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