Energy Drinks With Alcohol

The Dangers of Energy Drinks With Alcohol

Making cocktails is both an art and hobby, and many people, students more so, make their own recipes, some of them involving energy drinks with alcohol. The mixture is indeed indicative of how creative young adults can get but it also belies the drunken state of the user. The popular energy drink Red Bull is one of the primary ingredients of these dangerous cocktails with drug-like effects. If the call for road safety years ago was don’t mix driving with driving, it’s slowly shifting to avoid cocktails with energy drinks. What makes energy drinks with alcohol that devious anyway? Below are some guidelines to help you discern the true dangers of energy drinks with alcohol, so read on:

*Alcohol makes people depressed while energy drinks stimulate you. While you may be after a really funny mind trip, just you wait until you hit something or get hit while driving. The scary fact is that your brain perceives things as clear since you are stimulated but your motor controls are lousy. The dangers and risk of accidental injury or even death are increase fourfold in such a mental and physical state.

*Energy drinks alone contain some substances that pose health risks, these are: caffeine, ephedrine, ginseng, taurine and other herbal supplements. Since energy drinks are not part of FDA regulations, companies can include high amounts of these substances. The interaction of these ingredients with the compounds found in alcohol make it more dangerous. The effects of certain drugs, herbs, additives, and medications may prove lethal when mixed with alcohol, which is why mixing energy drinks with liquor is not advised. The unpredictability of the side-effects and dangers increase in knowing that each of us have different a biological make-up, hence different adverse reactions. It may range from a slight itch, tingling, dizziness, or worse-a heart attack! In fact, it was reported in Science Daily that cardiopulmonary dangers are possible when taking energy drinks with alcohol.

*Energy drinks with alcohol can feed the drinking habit. The addition can stem from the heightened feeling one gets and the irresistible taste of the cocktail. This depressant/stimulant effect is definitely addictive as more younger people practice mixing energy drinks with alcohol.

Today, the FDA still doesn’t regulate the sales of energy drinks. Despite this, excessive consumption of the products and mixing it with alcohol should nevertheless be prohibited. All good things are bad things in waiting when it comes to playing around with drinks.

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