Dangers Of Energy Drinks

The Unknown Dangers Of Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are just one of many popular ways to get a perk whenever you feel down. It has been a common practice in adults and is considered a harmless way to give you an extra dose of energy whenever you start to feel your body weaken. But nowadays, energy drinks are treated as though it were a juice drink or soda. Many children and young adults take these drinks on a regular basis with the notion that they need it to get through their activity-filled day. What they don’t know is that taking this on a regular basis isn’t exactly a good thing, in fact, there are many dangers of energy drinks that majority of people are unaware of. Here are a number of unknown facts about the dangers of energy drinks and what might be in store for your child if left to their own devices.

• Energy drinks are filled with caffeine. Studies have shown that a can of energy drink contains five times more caffeine than a can of soda. Caffeine is the main ingredient in energy drinks and it is what gives people the feeling of extra energy. This rush of energy is caused by caffeine, which, when absorbed by the body stimulates it but with drastic consequences to the consumer’s health.

• The caffeine in these drinks can cause a series of side effects such as elevated heart rates, hypertension and headache, as well as interrupted sleep and anxiety. These conditions put you at risk of acquiring heart complications.

•Aside from the caffeine, other unknown and artificial ingredients which can be very harmful to one’s health are also very common, thus doubling the dangers of energy drinks. A number of energy drinks have been known to contain preservatives and additives which are not added to the label, thus deceiving millions of customers into thinking they’re safe.

Some people are misled by their typical appearance, and the dangers of energy drinks are then overlooked. Since they are sold nearly everywhere, often next to sports drinks or snack food, most people assume that they are generally safe to consume. But the truth is it’s a drink that can cause health complications if taken regularly. So if you are concerned about the health of your children, stop them from taking these drinks and let people know of the dangers associated to energy drinks.

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