What Is a Natural Energy Drink

Are The Energy Drinks Sold In Stores Natural

To some extent, most of the canned energy drinks sold in stores are recognized as natural. However, this can be a misleading conception. Caffeine is a natural ingredient, yet in sufficient amounts it can cause heart problems. There are also herbal ingredients included in these drinks which have not been thoroughly studied in research labs. So the effects of these compounds in such drinks are not fully known or predictable. Because of the amount of sugar and caffeine in these drinks, they do cause dehydration which can lead to kidney problems.

These drinks do not replace the fluids and electrolytes which are lost during sports or other physically demanding activities. This can lead to many physical problems which are common with athletes.  They can also affect coordination, and sense of balance. When consumed in small amounts, such as one can daily, then no harm is done.

Other Dangers of These Drinks

 The fructose and lactose components of these drinks can induce a laxative effect. There is also the high carbohydrate consider to factor in. This causes the body to not absorb nutrients and food as quickly or as effectively. This will weaken your energy boost. Also, too many carbohydrates can result in gastrointestinal problems. They can also create difficulty in the body rehydrating.

If you suffer from diabetes, then don’t even think about consuming these drinks as the high sugar levels can raise insulin levels. However, this is a short lived burst of energy and quickly wears off. This causes you to “crash” afterwards and you will feel much more exhausted when the drink completely wears off.

Caffeine acts as both a laxative and a diuretic which means you loose a lot of fluids while drinking it. It will also make you suffer from high blood pressure when mixed with the herbal ingredients in these drinks. It can also cause you to suffer from an irregular heart rate as well as sweating excessively, jittery and prone to anxiety.

Energy drink “cocktails”, mixing the canned drink with alcohol, has become very popular but very dangerous as well. This mixture causes as much dehydrdation as sports do. It’s very hard to determine your alcohol intake when this mixture is consumed. Your alcohol levels rise with your energy levels. These cocktails cause sleepiness, lack of coordination and slows down your reflexes. This can make for a dangerous situation if the person who is drinking these cocktails is driving home.

This is an overall dangerous mixture which can also lead to a lack of making the right decisions. Mental judgments are also impaired under the influence of these drinks.

If you really want an all natural energy drink, try drinking coconut milk mixed with spirulina. Spriulina is a protein rich alge which is naturally rich in vitamins and non-essential amino acid. You won’t crash after drinking this and it is much better for you

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