Taurine in Energy Drinks

The Truth About Taurine in Energy Drinks

Nowadays, taurine in energy drinks seems to be a very common feature. There has been much propaganda that presents the health giving benefits of taurine in energy drinks. There is actually little to no relevant data on the benefits which this macronutrient is purported to offer and the public at large remains uninformed. To better understand the real issue behind using taurine in energy drinks, consider the following pointers:

*Taurine is classified as an organic acid which is commonly produced by the body. Taurine is one of the most abundantly produced amino acids in the human body, and is responsible for a variety of things needed by the body to function. Taurine is responsible for calcium signaling, functions as an antioxidant, conjugation of bile acids among others. Overall effects of taurine include the regulation of the cardiovascular system, improving bone health, as well as eyesight.

*Even without taurine in energy drinks, humans can still derive it by simply consuming meat and seafood. As much as 40 to 400mg of taurine is consumed by the average person everyday through food alone. However, taurine intake is almost at nil level among vegetarians.

*Most taurine in energy drinks range from 1000mg to 2000mg. While the highest amount of taurine which the body can take is around 3000mg, the rest of it is just removed by the kidneys. Potential side-effects and other dangers of taurine are still being studied by experts to this day. Present studies have shown that taurine can actually protect the liver from cirrhosis, although this study has only been conducted on animals.

*Taurine in energy drinks is said to boost energy levels despite the lack of any supporting data. Although consuming taurine in large doses may still be safe, other components of energy drinks like caffeine, sugar ,or even herbs may lead to adverse health risks.

*Animals such as cats and passerine birds greatly benefit from taurine supplementation. Unless you are a vegetarian or a vegan, your daily diet already supplies your body with enough taurine, so supplementation isn’t really needed.

It is extremely important for consumers to know the real score behind including taurine in energy drinks. Due to the false advertising which has become the norms for marketing, people may think that they’re on to a wonder drug that helps, without knowing that it’s already everywhere.

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