Information on Popular Sports Drink Brands

Why Are There So Many Sports Drink Brands

There has been an increase in the amount of sports drink brands. It is a booming and very competitive business. But one has to wonder how many brands of the drinks would be consider unhealthy and, for some people, downright dangerous. Actual sports drinks such as Gatorade help to replace both the fluids and electrolytes lost when participating in sports or strenuous exercise which make you lose a lot of body fluids when sweating heavily.

However, not all of these sports drinks are made with the same ingredients. And this is where it gets confusing on the subject of which brand is better than the others. The good point is that with sports drinks there isn’t any crashing from caffeine.

What  Are The Bad Points About Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are consumed after sporting events or intense exercise workouts to both rehydrate the body and replace the electrolytes which are lost from sweating. The difference is that while energy drinks have caffeine and sugar as their main ingredients, sports drinks contain carbohydrates, sodium and potassium as their key ingredients. Some sports drinks also contain vitamins, proteins and minerals. Energy drinks have a dark side, though, as they can cause cardiovascular problems.

This does not mean that sports drinks do not have their own health causing issues. They can cause weight gain, but this is only if they are consumed in excess. They are still much safer than energy drinks which can also cause weight gain and diabetes. This is a direct result of the high sugar content that they contain.

Sports drinks, no matter what the brand is, can be bought in sugar free formulas. Energy drinks are finally catching on to this so some brands, such as Red Bull, now comes in sugar-free formula. However, there are a few cases in which overconsumption of this particular drink has resulted in death. Nobody has ever died from drinking too much of a sports drink. So although there is some sugar found in sports drinks, they are still safer.

A new form of sports drinks has started to catch on with athletes and that is vitamin enhanced water. Because of the addition of vitamins and minerals, these are considered a much better choice but are still classified as a sports drink. Their main ingredient , however is water, and this sets them apart from these other types of drinks. Even those, though, should be drank in moderation.

Regardless of the sports drink brand that you choose, remember to drink it after your workout or sports event. If you workout to lose weight, following a diet which is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables is essential as well as getting enough rest at night. Take care of your body and it will take care of you.




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