Energy Drink Facts

Facts About Energy Drinks-What You Need To Know

As we know, energy drinks are nonalcoholic beverages that boost up energy with different ingredients. As energy drinks reviews frequently speak about its health benefits, their side effects are rarely emphasized in this process. Now, here are the general facts about energy drinks in order for us to have more knowledge on it.

Energy Drink Fact #1. Ingredients and contents. Ginkgo biloba, caffeine, guarana, vitamin B, carbonated water, ginseng, taurine, creatine, maltodextrin, etc. are the essential ingredients in the energy drinks. Other energy drinks have sugar as well as artificial sweeteners just to improve its taste. These are the ingredients that trigger the energy level of the body to increase. For example, taurine regulates the muscle contraction and heart rate, while the caffeine stimulates the brain of the individual.

Energy Drink Fact#2. Effects to the body. When one consume the energy drinks, the ingredients especially the caffeine content in their body tends to oppose the effects of the adenosine, which accelerates the neuron activities in the nervous system. As a normal body’s response, the pituitary gland would now release the adrenaline. This would stimulate the heart rate as well as prompt the liver to release more blood sugar which considered to be the main element to increase the level of energy of the person.

Energy Drink Fact#3. Health Concerns. Various health dangers, due to the consumption of these energy drinks, have been a debate for how many years now . When we talk about its side effects, we frequently refer to the effects of different ingredients combined to create these beverages. In many instances, researches and studies have revealed that caffeine has a great impact for every one’s health especially those who consumed these energy drinks. Excessive caffeine intake could result in many health issues, including high blood pressure, insomnia, and headache. Also, important facts about energy drinks which must be taken into consideration is that these energy booster drinks would essentially dehydrate the body than hydrating them. At the same time, consuming energy drinks containing alcohol could also have several adverse reactions to the body. Health experts do not accede on the manufacturers’ claims that energy drinks are good enough in increasing the endurance and stamina of the individual since they see it as an disruption of normal functions of the body.

So, these are just the general facts about energy drinks. In fact, there are lots of advantages and disadvantages the consumer could get in consuming these beverages. This is necessary to avoid unnecessary energy drinks side effects and adverse reactions to the health, and maintain the well-being of the person.

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